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  • Aviation Expert
    EN ISO/IEC 17024-certified
    USPAP & IVSC-compliant
  • Aviation Experts
    EN ISO/IEC 17024-certified
    USPAP & IVSC-compliant
  • Certified Aviation Expert Services
    EN ISO/IEC 17024-certified
    USPAP & IVSC-compliant
  • Certified Aviation Expert Services
    EN ISO/IEC 17024-certified
    USPAP & IVSC-compliant
  • Aviation Expert


    EN ISO/IEC 17024-certified
    Aviation Experts

  • Aviation Experts


    EN ISO/IEC 17024-certified
    Aviation Experts

  • Certified Aviation Expert Services


    EN ISO/IEC 17024-certified
    Aviation Experts

  • Certified Aviation Expert Services


    EN ISO/IEC 17024-certified
    Aviation Experts

Your certified aviation Experts.

✈ You need an aircraft value indication or an aircraft value appraisal?

We offer 4 differend types of aircraft value appraisals:

  • desktop appraisal,
  • extended desktop appraisal,
  • full appraisal,
  • extended full appraisal.

According to your requirements, we provide the following evaluation approaches:

  • aircaft revenue/income approach,
  • aircraft-specific value method,
  • aircraft comparative value method.
✈ Your aircraft has been modified or damaged?

AVICERT EUROPE cooperates with material laboratories, associates own NDT experts and has many years of experience in following related areas of expertise:

-    aircraft damage indication on broken parts and/or components,
-    damage repair cost calculations and comparison,
-    damage profiling and assessment,
-    damage history checks and damage incident analysis.

✈ Have you accomplished your annual aircraft value adjustment yet?

In regular intervals, loan creditors, finance providers or aircraft insurance companies require aircraft value statements.

We are experienced in appraising on small, medium-sized and large aircraft.

  • EASA CS-22,
  • EASA CS-23,
  • EASA CS-25,
  • EASA Annex I (historic airplanes).



✈ You intend to sell, to trade or to liquidate your aircraft?

Depending on the present type of operation and depending on the intended kind of use, your aircraft obtains an average market value update but also an individual unit value admustment at a certain point of time.

In case of required liquidations, we mostly provide to your clients up to four liquidation scenarios for context-oriented and likely transaction events.

✈ We provide 4 types of aircraft value appraisals in 3 EU-languages.

As European provider addressing to international banks, brokers, global air operators, private operators, insurances and authorites, we deliver our appraisal products in English, German and French language by order upon client request.

✈ Benefit from your free-of-charge initial advisory with us!

As prospetive client, you might share a lot of specific questions concerning your individual case, event or problem. Let us pre-consult you by profiling your individual requement specification.

AVICERT EUROPE has steady access to 4 independent aviation market databases and is supplied by 7 market platforms with aviation and aircraft-related data.

AVICERT EUROPE is an international co-partnership of certified aviation experts. Our complementary expertises comprise following services:

  • ✈  Bank appraisals,
    ✈  Operational expertises,
    ✈  Aerodrome-operational statements,
    ✈  Court opinions,
    ✈  Aircraft value appraisals EASA CS-VLA, CS-22, CS-23, CS-25 and national Annex I aircraft,
    ✈  Repair cost evaluations, damage cost adustments,
    ✈  Validations and verifications,
    ✈  Insurance opinions.

As certified providers for the aviation industry, we address our services to the following target group.

  • aircraft operators and aircraft owners,
  • airfield operators and airport operators,
  • air navigation providers (ANSP),
  • banks, brokers,
  • chambers,
  • courts,
  • insurances,
  • lessors,
  • maintenance, repair, overhaul organizations (MRO),
  • public institutions and communities.

We co-operate and collaborate with renowned industry partners such as material research laboratories, aviation associations and organizations.

Small Aircraft

Value Appraisals

(EASA CS-22)

AVICERT-EUROPE aviation expert opinions

  We enable you to offer, to sell or to purchase your modern or historic sports aircraft at the most current price on market.

  • Recommended product categories:

    • Desktop Appraisal
    • Extended Desktop Appraisal

Medium-sized Aircraft

Value Appraisals

(EASA CS-23)

AVICERT-EUROPE aeronautical expert statement aviation experts

  Which average value or current market value does your single-engine or twin-engine turboprop aircraft have? Did you consider all parts?

  • Recommended product categories:

    • Desktop Appraisal
    • Extended Desktop Appraisal

Large Aircraft

Value Appraisals

(EASA CS-25)

AVICERT-EUROPE aircraft value appraisals aviationexperts

  Our interdisciplinary expert team is able to assess and to evaluate heavy turboprops, large jets and capital-intense engines at your base.

  • Recommended product categories:

    • Full Appraisal
    • Extended Full Appraisal

Court Opinions

Insurance Statements

 (damage/repair costs)

AVICERT-EUROPE aircraft damage reports aviation expertise

  AVICERT EUROPE is familiar with the provision of court opinions and experienced in writing insurance expertises.

  • Recommended product categories:

    • Court Opinion
    • Insurance Expertise

   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


✈ What is an Aircraft Appraiser?

AVICERT Appraisers identify and provide a pre-defined type of value for the aircraft or components thereof.

Appraisers fall under several categories of appraisal types such as personal property (private aircraft owners), commercial property (corporate aircraft owners), machinery and technical components.

They perform appraisal reviews, audits, inspections, industrial expert consultancy and publish experience propositions.

Professional Appraisers are graduated, certified, accredited and operationally licensed in their area of expertise.

✈ Why choose an AVICERT EUROPE Appraiser?

AVICERT EUROPE Appraisers are graduated, licensed, EN ISO-/IEC-certified and ASA-accredited.

Our Appraisers provide above-average evaluation expertise to private and to commercial clients, as well as to non/profit and public entities. All AVICERT EUROPE Appraisers follow the IVS and, where applicable, comply to the USPAP standards and ethical principles when delivering services.

High-quality oriented, AVICERT EUROPE ensures all Appraisals undergo initial and quarterly recurrent training to keep its Appraisers updated on

- personal methodological skills in aircraft evaluation,

- legislation, norms and ethical principles in aviation contexts,

- technical matter expertise (structure, engine, avionics etc.),

- social and communication competences.

✈ What does my appraisal contain?

Expert opinions, appraisals and statements shall follow a clear and logical structure to be comparable and transparent for the reader.

AVICERT EUROPE proposes following appraisal structure. 

1.   Cover page with type of appraisal, title and document details
2.   Table of contents
3.   Objective, scope and use of the appraisal
4.   Analysis
5.   Evaluation
6.   Results/Recommendations
7.   Sources
8.   Attachments
9.   Stamps & Signatures.

✈ How long does it take to finish my appraisal/statement?

Depending on the complexity of the evaluated object, small aircraft appraisals may be accomplished and deliverable within several days up to 2-3 weeks in case on-site inspections have to be performed and missing aircraft documents must be organized with the owner.

Whereas for big aircraft evaluations of more than one type or variant to be considered, aircraft appraisals may take up to 2-3 months until delivery.

✈ Which ethics, norms and standards are applied by AVICERT EUROPE?
  • Code of Ethic Principles for Professional Valuers (IVSC),
  • Guidelines of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK),
  • Guidelines of the German Expert's Association (IfS),
  • EU GDPR,


   Service Portfolio

Aviation Experts

Aircraft Damage Appraisals

  •   Damage Profiling

      Material Analysis (external Partner)

      Repair Cost Estimation

      Damage Report

Aviation Experts

Aircraft Value Appraisals

  •   Current Market Value (CMV)

      Average Market Value (AMV)

      Aircraft Specific Value (ASV)

      Future Market Value (FMV)

Aviation Expertise

Aviation Expert Services

  •   Approval Advisory

      Pre-Purchase Coordination

      Aviation Audits (DIN EN ISO 19011)

      Verifications & Validations

Aviation Expertise

Airworthiness Review Certifications

  •   EASA CS-VLA,

      EASA Annex I,

      EASA CS-22,

      EASA CS-23.

Aviation Experts from Luxembourg

Aerodrome Operational Evaluations

  • Glider Areas,

    Special Aerodromes,



Aviation Audits

  •    Audits acc. to EN ISO 19011,

       Audit preparation acc. to EN 9100.

  AVICERT EUROPE provides objective and independent expert opinions, appraisals and statements to public and private sectors.

Our aviation experts are licensed, ISO/IEC 17024-certified and share complementary qualifications to effectively address to interdisciplinary tasks, orders and requests from within the aviation industry and beyond.


Experts of AVICERT EUROPE participate regularly in related industry forums, contribute to working groups and share their experience with a broad network. Our Experts are members in 12 associations to keep linked with the industry.

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