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Associates: Annex Experts



AVICERT EUROPE holds a pool of found qualified Associate Experts and Assistants in order to join complex projects and to support challenging Client orders in Europe and beyond




Our interdisciplinary team cooperates and collaborates based on individual knowledge and personal experience across major disciplines within the aviation industry.

  • Aeronautical Technology.

  • Aviation Economy.

  • Aviation Legislation.

  • ✈ Aviation and the Environment.

The following group forms part of our Associate pool:


  • Aircraft Mechanics,

  • Brokers and Banking Experts,

  • Data Analysts,

  • EASA CAT-licensed Certifying Staff,

  • EASA-licensed Aircraft Pilots,

  • Aviation Economists,

  • Aeronautical Engineers,

  • Insurance Experts,

  • IT-Experts in Aviation Applications,

  • Aviation Lawyers,

  • Material Scientists,

  • Aviation Researchers.


  • Associate Experts and Expert Assistants play a key-role in delivering high-quality results.

    They support our core team with valuable experience and expertise that is required to provide above-average solutions to our Clients.




Our Associate Experts and Expert Assistants may be assigned to our Clients in small teams to assure timely and effective solutions.





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