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Privacy Statement

The protection of personal data of our Clients and Visitors is very important to AVICERT EUROPE. Our privacy policy is the protection of personal data when processing them internally. AVICERT EUROPE observes this very closely in any business operation or transaction.  

Any personal information collected during your visits of our websites is processed in accordance with the provisions of European law. Our data protection complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Our websites may contain links to other providers’ websites that are not covered by this privacy statement. AVICERT EUROPE respects the personal privacy of its Clients and Visitors.

Use of Cookies

To continuously optimize our website structure and content presence, we take use of use so-called “cookies” and “web beacons”.   

A “cookie” is a small text file which a webserver (for example the webserver) sends to your browser when you visit a website. So-called “session cookies” expire at the end of the browser session and can capture your activities during the browser session. Adjacently, so- called “permanent cookies” are saved on your terminal and these are able to capture your settings or activities on multiple websites.  

Web beacons are small graphic data elements which can be included in our websites, apps, applications and newsletters and are usually used in combination with cookies to identify users and user behaviour. The above-mentioned statements about cookies apply accordingly for web beacons; web beacons will in particular not be used in case you objected to the use of the relevant cookie.   

Cookies represent no risk to your computer, as they are simply text files and not executable programs.    

The cookies on the AVICERT EUROPE website ( are used both to ensure convenient browsing and for market research and advertising purposes, as well as to collect statistics on use. We also use cookies for the purpose of web tracking, and they form the basis of your personalized content.  

Besides so-called “session cookies” which are deleted when you end your browser session, we put in place permanent cookies.     

Cookies are stored until deleted by the user. No personal data is stored in the cookies used by us. 

It depends on your browser’s settings as to whether the cookie file is stored or deleted. If the file is stored, our webserver can recognize your terminal. Next time you visit the site or when you switch between functions requiring you to enter a password, the cookie can save you re-entering information. This is how cookies make it easier for you to use websites requiring user input. Additionally, cookies can help us offer you the most personalized, optimized surfing experience, as long as you give us permission to do so.  That is unless you explicitly reject cookies and deactivate them as set out below:  You can set your browser either to receive our cookies or use our website without cookie functionality. In the latter case however, your text entries in our form fields cannot be saved for future searches, and you will have to input your data again when you next visit our website. In this case we will also unfortunately not be able to present personally tailored content to you.  Your browser may already be set to display a warning whenever it receives a cookie. As the identification cookie must be resent every time an individual page on our website is opened, this warning can be very disruptive. We therefore recommend that you set your browser to always accept cookies from You can change this setting for individual websites.  

Some companies that use this technology collect information on the behaviour of their visitors through the use of cookies for market research and advertising purposes. The cookies on the AVICERT EUROPE website ( are used only to ensure convenient browsing.
Social Network Integration

We offer social network functionality in various areas of our website, but all of our online offers and services can of course be accessed and used without the use of social networking websites. If you do use these additional functions, please be aware of the following points regarding data processing and handling:

Links to AVICERT EUROPE from Social Media

In the case of links to AVICERT EUROPE from a social network site, these are links on other providers’ websites, which do not pass on any personal information to this other provider. However, third party online offers do make it possible to establish the origin of a visit to their site.

AVICERT EUROPE has no influence over the data handling procedures of third parties; this means that our data protection declaration does not apply to third party websites.

Forwarding and recommendation functions

(e.g. Share and Like options)

If you visit AVICERT EUROPE-websites and use any interactive recommendation function, we pass on the URL to the chosen social network website. Some networks then complete the link straight away with an excerpt from the offer content on AVICERT EUROPE. Most social network sites ask the user to confirm before it goes ahead with saving or forwarding.   

Please note that AVICERT EUROPE has neither knowledge of nor influence over how social networks process the information which you have shared with them or whether this information is made available to further websites. AVICERT EUROPE recommends careful reading of the relevant data protection statements in each case.

Purpose of Data Collection, Processing, or Use

The business purpose of the AVICERT EUROPE are aviation expertise services as advisory to Clients, producing and delivering aircraft appraisals, evaluations, expert opinions and statements.  

Data is collected, processed, and used for the above-mentioned purpose. Highlights of the pro-cessing of personal data are the following areas:

  • Suppliers of AVICERT EUROPE

  • Expert Partners serving within AVICERT EUROPE

  • Clients of AVICERT EUROPE

Authorized Data Disclosing

Public service authorities where high-priority legal regulations demand, external contractors according to EU GDPR.

Data Deletion

After expiration of storage obligations and periods as decreed by regulatory authorities, the relevant data is routinely deleted. Any data to which this does not apply is deleted if it is not needed fur the purposes specified above. 

Transmission of Data to other Countries

Data is transmitted to authorities, customers, and suppliers in various countries within the context of conducting transactions that fulfil the business purpose in accordance with the above-named international regulations.

Security Measures

AVICERT EUROPE takes safeguarding measures pursuant to EU GDPR by practicing caution when awarding contracts, by maintaining appropriate quality regulations, and by training its staff.

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