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Pre-Purchase Management (PPM)






Pre-Purchase Management (PPM)

Services before, during and after aircraft pre-purchase inspections (PPI) are an essential part of used aircraft transactions for both parties, the buyer and the seller.

AVICERT EUROPE accompanies, advises and helps its Clients at early stages of an aircraft acquisition, preferably for instance by tailoring the Aircraft Purchase Agreement (APA).  

As neutral and independent partner for PPI-preparation and monitoring, AVICERT EUROPE supports Sellers, Traders and Buyers with:


  • Client-/Buyer-oriented APA configuration,

  • Selection of independent and neutral PPI-location with experience and authority to inspect the aircraft,

  • Inspection scope configuration, coordination and agreement profiling between Buyer and Seller

  • Inspection payment monitoring and verification,

  • Aircraft record representation and logistics,

  • Final report assessment and evaluation.

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