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Court Opinions



Court Opinions



Aviation Expert opinions form significant part in the search for truth, root-causes and intercausal relationships during complex technical litigation. 

In order to guarantee reliable and objective expert opinions that fully meet the formal requirements and respond the given interrogatory, AVICERT EUROPE introduced checklist methods as part of representative QM document audits on conclusion of every opinion to ensure a comprehensive, transparent and reproduceable delivery of opinions making them valid as reliable evidence.

Aviation Experts who provide opinions to court jurisdictions have a duty to the courts. They shall provide fair, objective and unbiased statements.

Our Aviation Experts in private and, increasingly, in commercial court cases have to present and defend their written expert opinions in court personally.



Well trained Aviation Experts are advised to appear calm and objective during the interrogation by judges and parties or participants and their legal representatives and should not allow to get provoked by questioning. Occasionally, it may be necessary to correct the written expert statement in the course of the interrogation. However, Experts consulted may be held liable for adverse effects resulting from the interrogation and investigation, as well as for deliberate or grossly faulty reports.

Recently, Aviation Experts of AVICERT EUROPE contributed to following case profiles to Court Jurisdiction by their individual aviation expertise.

Court-Case Contributions

  • Expert statement to ad-hoc re-scheduling of flight routes of an EU Aircraft Operator based on filed flight plan profiles.

  • Identification of responsible Nations of the North African Airspace and explanation of
    operational entry requirements for an EU AOC Operator based on AIP.

  • Expert estimation on commercial flight delay-extensions, following announced slot delays due to reduced airspace demand.

  • Determination of the retrospective market value of a damaged EASA CS-23 aircraft Value de termination of a damaged EASA CS-23 aircraft for the Court.

  • Research on prevailing outside air pressure at a North European hub airport with particular re-gard on defined aircraft performance limitations of an EASA CS-25 aircraft.

  • Expert opinion ti verify the actual on-block time of an EASA CS-25 aircraft based on ACARS readouts, sensor reports and onboard software settings.

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