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Aviation Expert Services


As certified aviation experts for the international aviation industries, everything we do is driven by our ambition to provide the best expert services for private and public Clients. Our integrated expert services include fully managed process steps from the requirement specification support, via contracting trough onsite inspections, value and damage calculation to documentation and administration of your order. Furthermore, our client-specific tailored service modules are monitored by internal quality assurance, validated by review and testing. Industrial first-hand know-how and many years of experience in providing services as certified aviation experts make us a competent and reliable partner who can efficiently advance your demand.

AVICERT EUROPE offers following expert services:


  • Aircraft value appraisals for EASA CS-VLA, EASA CS-22, EASA CS-23, EASA-CS-25 aircraft category,

  • Aircraft damage statements for entire aircraft, aircraft components and structures (on-site / off-site),

  • Expert opinions related to aviation for the public Court of Justice,

  • Insurance opinions and expert statements for Insurers and Reinsurers,

  • Pre-Purchase Inspection Services for Broker, Banks, Investors,

  • Aircraft Repair Observation Services for Owners and Operators.


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